A health blog.

Wake early in the morning.The best time to wake up is at 3 a.m. If that doesn’t suit your lifestyle or is not possible then you can wake up a little late.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.But don’t catch zzzzz’s any more than 9 hours.

Keep the food out of your sight, don’t keep food bags and packages at your desk at work and inside your room at home. The more easily accessible it is ,the more you are likely to eat whenever you see it.Have at least three meals a day ,have about same quantity or volume of food in each meal. Keep the meals about two to three hours apart. Stop eating out, junk food and fast food have a lot of calories and sugar.

As soon as you wake up drink about 7 ounces of warm water . Try to drink it in one gulp.

Any physical exercise fot at least half an hour will give you many benefits for your health. 

Decrease the sugar intake, W.H.O. suggests that daily sugar intake shouldn’t be more than 6 grams of added sugar. Say no-no to coffee shops, energy drinks,soda and diet soda; an average drink at a coffee shop contains the equivalent amount of sugar that you are allowed to take it 10 days combined.

Rice is an amazing health food , enjoy it generously . You can also have it three times a day.

No oily foods​ , if you can possibly stay away from fried and oily foods ,even better. Consume as many vegetables as you can , with adding very little amount of spices. 

Drink about 3 and a half to 4 litres of water each day. Don’t eat just before bed, don’t consume any food two hours before bedtime.

Walk at least half a mile each day , you will remain slim.

Catch sun around noon time or later for at least half an hour. You will reap many benefits of sun. Vitamin D and other good things are there in sun.


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