To the dumb bitch who laughed at me.

are you ?

I am not fluent in English according to the standards of people who are highly educated with any degree requiring in depth knowledge of English language ,composition and grammar. That could

be an essayist, a journalist, a linguist , a reporter , an English tutor , a grammarian etc.
If me and you were to be in a competition of English language proficiency or fluency , I would fare way better than you.When you lose your obnoxious clit will probably come up with some

excuse like " ohhh…. I just let him win to make him feel good", "This test was unfair", "so what (slapping the strand of her off her shoulder)" , "Whatever , I don't care" or some other excuse along those lines to defend your ego.

I grew up in India , since English is not a native tongue there English doesn't come to me naturally . Not only that but also I did my k-12 schooling in Gujarati(Non-English) language. I may take a while to form a sentence and determine which words to use in a sentence . My accent may be thick but you will understand me.

If you believe you are so proficient in English why don't you go ahead and join toastmasters and impress a sea of people, When you win that speaking competition I will have respect for you.You can laugh at me all you want after that.

I am sure you don't go to a group qualified people and do this there, because you know you will fail there catastrophically . You know you stand no chance infront of those people.


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