My English is poor.

Lack of confidence and lower self esteem are caused inside of me by lack of fluency with English language.I stutter and become nervous as I am put in a situation where I fail to form a sentence using phrasal verbs and meaningful words to communicate with others .

It’s a pity and a shame that after living in this country (U.S.A.) for over a decade , one still struggles to carry the conversation with native speaker for a long time.

How long does it take one to become good at something ? What are the strategies to become proficient with something ? Why is it so difficult to understand the concept and move ahead ?

It starts with the willingness , grit , motivation , ambition and aspiration . Wisdom , knowledge and cleverness come after discipline . Discipline comes from good habits and good habits are formed by following strict rules and applying productive daily chores. Start waking up early , read a book regularly, make a habit of writing on regular basis ,

attend public speaking events, attend toastmasters , listen to podcasts , English language radio shows, never miss an opportunity to listen to fluent speakers and hang out with them . Stop wasting time on things that don’t make you good at things you want to be good at .

Inferiority complex is given birth when you distance yourself from other people you deem as more qualified and stronger than you.

You can survive in this world , live the life the way you want to . No one can scold you , yell at you except fot the people that love you . You should want a life with higher standards , strive for it , a desire to be with people of high class in the society . To accomplish that you must have a class that is acceptable by their standards , you must be qualified so they can accept you .

Invest your valuable time in productive things , find a hobby that you’re passionate about , something you love and enjoy immersing yourself into .

Ever since I was a child I felt that people who spoke English belonged to higher class in the society . They had a special place where they went , special things that they did , special hobbies , special foods that they ate , just all in all classy people .

I always thought that I am only as good as my English . People who didn’t speak English belonged to lower class in the society , they were backward class people .

I always wanted to be enrolled in English medium school , but couldn’t get in . I failed the interview , I was only five years old then . I wish my dad tried to get me in once I got a little older , around the age of 7 or 8 . But that’s it , it was decided that I will be in Gujarati medium school until 12th grade. I also never expressed my interest or strong desire as I grew up . Maybe I was a little scared that I would fail . My mind was a blank slate when I was young , it could’ve been written on with useful, meaningful information.

But I am still here, alive and kicking because I am a survivor .

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