Smartphones are dumb asses.

After having used both Android and IOS devices , it seems that both of them are lacking certain functionalities and smarts that if utilised correctly could immensely improve the lives of so called smartphones users .

After constantly getting bombarded with advertisements for apps that are already installed on my phone , it seems they need to understand that before targeting users with adit’s important to find out what apps are already existing on particular devices . I remember getting an ad for candy crush while using the apps like textnow and other games , while the candy crush app was already installed on my phone.

There are so many apps which are popular but don’t have landscape version. For example Meetup app which is great to meet like minded people and grow your network and make some friends, but it just isn’t available in landscape mode, when I rotate my Ipad it just stay in portrait mode ( Oh I made sure that rotation lock wasn’t on) .

When I am driving and using GPS app like google maps , I keep getting notifications from drop down menu from apps like messages, calls , youtube and other push notifications which is so distracting and hides all the critical information I want to see on the screen of google maps. I believe by default all these should be disabled when someone is using gps map.

Autocorrect is the worst, it makes it incorrect more than it corrects .

These smart devices should group icons pf the apps based on the frequency of usage. Sometimes the apps I use frequently are on second or later page so I have o swipe and find them . While the apps I use just once a month are there on the first page , why not create a program so that regularly used apps land on first page .

If there is an empty room for some app icons to fit on the first page then it should shift onto the first page automatically from the next page.

Last but not the least Apple Iphone x’s Face ID. How they think that Face ID is more secure than touch ID is beyond me.

During the keynote one executive of Apple said that chances that someone else has can unlock your phone using their face for face ID are one in a million.

But I say it doesn’t seem to be true as I have seen numerous videos where people who are not even twins can unlock their phone . I saw a son unlocking his mom’s phone with his face .

Not only that but many twins have posted their videos where they show how easily they could unlock their twin’s Iphone using their own face.

Faces are smilir among twins and relatives which is not a hard find , but finger prints are unique, even twins have different finger prints . Even conjoined twins at birth who were separated after a few years have different finger prints. Touch ID is definitely more secure than Face ID.

I have many contacts in addressbook with multiple entries with same phone number. It probably when I made the switch from phones to phones or Android to IOS . Why not make the phones actually smart by automatically removing deplicate entries with same phone numbes.

Apps I download on iPhone are automatically downloaded on iPad, I understand it is done by IOS to make it easy and seamless to switch and transfer between the devices . But my iPhone has 16 gb storage and iPad has 64 gb storage , I utilise iPad for certain things and Phone for certain things. And ofcourse there are apps that I use on both . But since each app gets automatically downloaded on the other device what it does is it fills up the storage space on iPhone. I love reading ebooks but only on my iPad and not on my iPhone.

Also whatsapp is fantastic way to communicate with friends , but when some member sends photos,videos and audio files in a group and it gets automatically downloaded on phones , it creates a storage issue. I am in four different groups where there are more than 100 members in each group , every time someone posts a file , I have less and less storage left on phone .

We are all tired and frustrated of spam e-mails we receive totally against our will. So many unwanted e-mails that most people initially tried to clean them up but eventually quit trying thinking that it’s a losing battle . Why not create a program where if you receive an e-mail or two from some company and you don’t respond to it in a month or two months then it shouldn’t be able to send you anymore emails and they should all land in junk folder. The program should be smart enough to assume that if two e-mails haven’t been responded two and it’s been two months then it should mean that receiver is not interested in communicating with them .

IPhones never cease to annoy me , when I am on a phone call and I have put other party on speaker the screen stays lit up. And if I press power button to make the screen go dark then it ends the conversation , Which is not the problem with android . If I’m going to speak to someone for a long time then I don’t want the battery to be drained because it was lit up all the time.

I am sure there are settings that I can change for many of the issues mentioned above but it is a pain the default settings are poinless and senseless. Most of the times it is difficult find how to fix it , either you have to go to online discussion forum or download some other apps to tweak and fix the issues created by default settings.


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