(Rap to the phrase) White collar crime .

I was at a beautiful and artistic place where there was rap battle going on , basically they shuffle phrases written on small pieces of paers. They would randomly pick a piece of paper and read the phrase to rap to it , words should rhyme with it.

Let me attempt to rap on the phrase called “White collar crime”

My words always rhyme cause my flow is divine

Can’t understand me ? Then you need to rewind

I don’t need to know who is against my rhyme

Cause I know I am going to win as this is my everyday grind

Run bitch if you feel threatened by my rhyme

Cause I’m about to shoot you and you’ll bleed like red wine

Get the fuck outta here cause you stink like a swine

Your album is so bad I wouldn’t pay you a dime

Keeping you alive a heinous crime

as you stand in front of me

I get a really bad vibe

your whole life tastes like five dollar wine.


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