So happy to see other people reading books.

Today while traveling in a train, bus, waiting at the platform, crossing the street, I saw a few people especially younger people (people under 40)holding a book in their hands and reading it.

Some young guy who looked like in his early twenties or maybe even younger reading the great Gatsby.

While other young lady was reading book by David walker.

Another lady who seemed to be in her fifties or sixties was reading the hard way by Lee child.

A man in his fifties was reading made in America by Bill Bryson. A homeless man looking man in his fifties was reading a newspaper .

While these above people I mentioned were evidently reading a book or newspaper because they were holding the physical copy in their hands. But many more could have been reading a book on their phones , it’s possible.

But all in all I am happy to see this, I take it as a sign that this world still has good hearted, high morale people and decent individuals who would keep the world moving in right direction for the betterment of humanity.


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