Indian arranged marriages have unreal requirements.

We find love by accident , no matter what.Arranged marriages in India also have divorces happening after a few years of tying the knot , no denying that. We will never be able to find precise numbers through statistics but at least we get the picture, there are divorces even with arranged marriages.Have we not yet understood that two souls connect if there’s a chemistry. It is hard to hit it off with someone you can’t connect with . All the ladies I have seen through some acquaintances of my parents or distant relatives have been nothing short of dull. They all wanted to see my Nakshatra , kundali . The last two words you read are of utmost importance in Indian marriages . Nakshatra and kundali are simply a set of pages that tell you about someone’s birth time and planetary positions during that time. According to Indian panditjis planetary positions have a significant role in someone’s fate and they determine the fate of the marriage life. Whether the bride or the groom will have a healthy physical or mental state and will have a peaceful or lasting relationship with the life partner is determined and apparently can be foretold looking at those pieces of information .

Panditjis ascertain the bride and the groom have a peaceful stay all throughout the married life.One stranger decides how two people will co-habit in a harmony. I have always found it strange and hard to believe that someone will be able to foretell what happens in someone’s future by looking at lines on one’s palm, reading some tarot cards, looking at positions of some stars in the sky and what not.

Logic fails to make its presence in these decisions about marriage as they revolve around irrational predictions and assumptions . Life happens when lived freely without any assumptions . Does a woman care more about Planetary positions at my birth than my hobbies, my passion, interests, the sports I watch and play,Whether I like to read or not, my Linkedin profile’s appeal, What are my views on feminism, whether I believe in Sex before marriage, my views on abortion, what Have my past relationships been like,what my previous Partners would say about me.But this is pretty rampant in marriages in India and has been there for a long time , and will be there for really long time.

It is a shame that some brides and grooms with very high education in science and engineering fields believe in this thing and fall prey to the nonsense.


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