Pretty big women , a message for you all.

Oh big woman you flaunt it out with style , I can’t stop thinking of you even when I’m not seeing you. You know very well you stand apart when you don’t meet the criteria set by society for beauty and still grab attention of everyone . When I see you at a café, or a library, a park , a bar or a lounge, a club, I can’t help but watch you as your curves move and make me smile , oh woman be mine I am going to treat you like a queen and together we can grind.

All the compliments about thin women sound trite, but when a B.B.W. like you appears on stage baby you make the club look bright.You know you are special when you catch eyes of people defying the normal standards and rules of the beauty and go against the socially acceptable rules . When I see you walking, checking out books in the library,Just come close to me I am yours , we rule this night as we dance and hug tight . Skinny girls are a mess , from their eyelids to the eyelash and the way they dress.

I will worship you day and night, together we’ll shine bright baby we’ll look just right.Your arms , your buttocks, your face, your smile girl you’re a complete package that’s nobody’s but all mine.

All right woman, I’m not going to go on with the poetry I am not good at It.I know my words sometimes fail to rhyme. I want to tell you something that’s been the secret of my life.

I have a thing for plus size women who are pretty. I find you’ll sexy , attractive  This blog should help me find a woman of my dreams, someone I can spend the rest of my life with.


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