Failing to plan is planning to fail.

No one can succeed by merely being lucky. Luck is a term defined by people with not enough scientific background.

One plans carefully and logically to have the edge over other people and to increase the likelihood of becoming successful in life.

Planning takes patience, careful observations, taking into consideration all possible scenarios , applying mathematics of real life events and then executing the plan carefully to succeed in mission.


Odds are against you when you fail to understand the math and logic of real life events. Failure is near when analysis of the events is not done thoroughly.

The earlier you start preparing for the life events the better off you will be.

life gets  a meaning when  you put flavor and essence into it . You can do so by managing your time wisely , it’s critically important to know where and with whom you should spend your time. Learning the skill to not waste your time in useless and meaningless activities is a very big decision one can make to have a better life.

Build an amazing network of friends , someone who is strong and sees good in you . Someone who lifts you up and supports you . Don’t waste your precious time being with lazy,stupid, uneducated, unambitious , negative people who will do nothing but bring you down.

Grab a pen and paper , write down the steps you’ll take to succeed. It should look similar to algorithm , if you have taken any programming language classes you know that algorithm is a fancy name for series of instructions.

You eliminate the the possibility for unpleasant outcomes by avoiding wrong steps .






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