Ride sharing driver’s experience.

Slamming the door of my car ? Get the hell out of here.

Dropping candy or gum wrapper in the backseat ? So inconsiderate and rude.

Not leaving a tip after a long and entertaining ride.  I provided fun conversations , if you were a pretty girl I made you laugh and you know it.

I also let you charge your phone with my charger , still no tip?

I answered your questions to the best of my knowledge about the local area , neighborhood, good eateries nearby, nice beaches , fun activities to do .

I provided safe and reliable ride during extreme weather , those jerk drivers on the road, those unsafe manuevers .

Made sure car has comfortable and pleasant temperature inside, not too cold or not too warm.

I kept my car clean which is not free, car washes these days cost upwards of $25.

Those rides you cancelled when I drove almost three miles to pick you up but didn’t get paid a dime.

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