What is a fulfilling life?

Having freedom , being able to do what you like and love is a great feeling . It’s very liberating to think that you are managing and handling everything on your own and thus no one will be able to force their opinions on you , you’re your own boss. You get a purpose in life and envision your goals when you become independent.

Start by asking yourself five questions by imagining yourself in different situations.What would you do if you had no money but still wanted to enjoy life .

I’m feeling lonely, need someone by

There are some things most people would never care to change about themselves even though they might know that it is better for their well being if they made a change. Is that called a denial, procrastination, laziness or just acceptance of their current life situation as their fate ?
We all change our life routine depending on our needs ,desires and priorities. Some things are important enough to us that we convince ourselves to apply those changes in our lifestyle. While other things we could care less about simply put.But why do we ignore thinngs and overlook their criticality even when we know those things demand urgent attention.
Do we lie to ourselves? Do we conceit ourselves? Why do we cheat ourselves? Is that an emotional suicide?

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