Why I write.

World needs to know about different stories. There are many stories out there and every story is unique. They all need to be made available,be heard,be understood,be listened to,be paid attention to,be seen. Every unique story has its own distinct taste, flavor, aroma, touch and feel to it.

I write to communicate, to share, to relieve the stress, to express myself, to mingle, to explain ,to be understood, to be clear. There’s a message in all of us, let’s put it on paper, let them see inside your mind. With a message you can inspire the world.

One day I will die and so will you. Make a mark in this world, let others see your beauty. You can shine even after you die.

While you are still breathing , create something that will be alive for the world to see even after you die. Offer to the world your wisdom, your creativity, your ideas and suggestion which could bring about a revolution , have a lasting impact on the lives of the masses, change the world for the better.

It is better to die empty , it is so liberating when you let it all out. When you tell the world what’s in your mind, everything shines when you share your message with the world .

The benefits of sharing are endless. It could inspire someone to come up with a revolutionary idea.

Fine writing can shape the society. Good books can create great citizens.

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