Why I read.

I read to introduce myself to the new language, the relationship, the place, the people, the new experience.With books I can Study and learn About different subjects and expand my knowledge.Fire starts within me when the contents of the book remind me once more who I really am, what my life-purpose is, as I learn how to keep the drive strong. But when reading doesn’t happen the path feels clogged, jammed and conjusted , I can only unclog the path when I receive the knowledge ; And I can receive that knowledge from the books.Knowledge is obtained when you lend your ears to someone, when you open the doors to let information in.I read to understand, to see, to realize, to learn the culture, to travel without physically going there, to meet people, to educate myself. You expose yourself to a plethora of different perspectives when you decide to read.

Successful people read much more than an average person.

Books carry a whole new world with them. When you carry the books you have those different experiences at your fingertip ready to take you on a trip, a beautiful journey. 

I was ignorant yesterday, but today I am wise because I decided to start reading.

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