Everybody needs a caring partner.

A good partner will bring out the best in you. A good partner will keep you mentally fit. A good partner is like a therapist, they will cure you and heal you . A good partner is like having the best dad and the best mom in the world.You will grow with that person, you will achieve things you didn’t know were possible. You will create those memorable moments; Eating together , feeding one another, resting your head on their shoulder after coming back from work, having a cup of coffee or tea in the morning,taking care of your partner when they are ill , smell their breath , look into their eyes and forget all the stress , hug them and feel the comfort in their warmth. Holding hands while walking together at the beach,listening to the waves crash , kissing them and feeling the taste of their lips. You forget all the worries of the world when you are with that person. Building a future together. Watching movies together, those nights when there are no distractions. Caressing after dinner , and talking about future plans. Listening to romantic music while sitting by the fireplace as the flames crackle. 

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