My thoughts on civilized and learned citizens.

============================================ This is the type of person that I want to be and I see myself as I would love it when I have all these characteristics, I’m very close to it but not yet quite there and I would love to make friends with this types of people who have such Noble characteristics. These […]

Smartphones are dumb asses.

After having used both Android and IOS devices , it seems that both of them are lacking certain functionalities and smarts that if utilised correctly could immensely improve the lives of so called smartphones users . After constantly getting bombarded with advertisements for apps that are already installed on my phone , it seems they […]

Why strive for topnotch quality?

Failing to produce stuff consistently is something I have mastered unfortunately. Laziness is my shadow, I lie down on my bed ,stare at wall with blank mind. Why not utilize time to create something that would put a smile on someone’s face, help other people in their daily lives, try to solve a problem, teach […]