Am I a liar ?

If I were to define the word lie I would say something like this. Lie: (verb)An act of intentionally speaking something that is not true and is misleading. (noun)A dishonest and deceitful statement made intentionally. I must say the word intentional makes the whole meaning different than the case/scenario  I am going to present here. […]

Testing my oratory skills

Here I attempt to define three terms that could challenge my command over English language. Plagiarism – noun. An unethical and illegal act of using someone’s copyrighted work without their explicit consent.Using other’s work without citing the source and thus receiving credit for one’s own gain ,be it financial or not. Tendril –  noun. A […]

How people butcher English grammar

I would like to start by saying that I will keep updating this blog as I find more and more content . But for now here is a list of some of the grammatically incorrect English language sentences that I found online.I am also including what I heard from people around me while at work,campus,library,coffee […]